To make a Turkish coffee you will need:

  1. Dzezve:
    Copper coffee pot
    My copper “dzhezve”. Handmade many years ago.

    2. Coffee:

    Finely ground coffee

The first prerequisite for an aromatic good Turkish coffee is the coffee itself. It must be very finely ground. It must look like a powder. Usually, the coffee is a mixture of coffee beans and ground rye or chickpea. It is believed that the rye / chickpea makes the taste softer or also is responsible for the foam. The ratio coffee to rye / chickpea is entirely up to you. The more coffee the stronger the brew.

3. Cup: If you like extreme experiences, you can make yourself a normal coffee mug portion. Remember, this coffee is very strong. Therefore, we use much smaller cups.

A larger than espresso cup
Espresso cup







Depending on the size you choose you need to add to the dhzezve either 1 coffee spoon ( about 5-6 gr ) of  coffee mix or 1 teaspoon. Add sugar according to your liking. Pour one cup ( the measure is the cup in which you are going to drink the coffee ) of cold  soft  water. Stir well.

Put the coffee pot on the stove on a low-medium or medium heat.  Now begins the waiting. In the past centuries this coffee was made on a hot sand. Imagine how long it took the coffee to boil. While waiting don’t try to watch TV or read a book. You need to keep a close eye on the brew. There will be a moment when the brew will start foaming and will take the shape of a volcano. Not long after that the coffee will rise suddenly to the very rim of the pot. Quickly take it off from the stove and pour a small amount into the cup. Then put it back on the stove so that the brew can rise a second time. When it does, pour again in the cup. And repeat the process a third time while gently swirling the pot.

The coffee is now ready and your kitchen is probably filled with the nice smell of a freshly brewed Turkish coffee. Enjoy it while it is hot. Do not stir the cup. Let the sediment sit at the bottom. Afterwards, you may turn the cup upside down on a saucer and try to predict the future by gazing into the patterns that have been formed inside the cup by the running sediment. You may serve the coffee with a glass of water and some sweet treat.


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