This is a nice recipe to try if you have salmon at home. When I was going through my notes I realized  that the recipe might cause a small problem. The salmon is cheap only in the Nordic countries. I remember my frustration over the sky-high prices of the fish when I came to live in Germany. You can of course try the recipe with a frozen salmon but believe me- the taste will never be the same as with the fresh salmon. So, if you happen to have salmon and you don’t dare to cook it because it is outrageously expensive and you are afraid you will spoil the meat, try this recipe. it is simple, doesn’t require special skills and the best part is- you can watch TV, dress for the party or do whatever you wish during the cooking.

If you live near a fish market that sells salmon, then by all means go to the fish market. But get up early, when the fishermen are just coming to the market with the fresh fish. You can recognize if the salmon is fresh by its color- it must be bright and shiny, and by its smell. If a fish smells strongly of …well.. of fish, then it is old and you don’t need to bother with it.

Buy a half of salmon with the skin left on the meat. It is crucial for the baking process to have a salmon with its skin. Debone the fish and clean it thoroughly. In a cookie sheet or a similar shallow pan, sprinkle a good layer of sea salt. Any other kind of salt will do as long as it is in the form of crystals.  The ordinary house hold salt doesn’t have sufficiently big crystals and the fish may burn down. Once you have put a relatively thick layer of salt in the pan ( do not overdo it though), place the salmon, skin down, on the salt crystals. You don’t need to put salt or paper to the salmon. It will be salty enough from the salt layer underneath. If you feel like it, add some spices that are not too fragrant, or else the taste of the fish will disappear. Place the cookie sheet on the middle rack of the oven. Heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and bake for about 30 to 40 minutes.

The salmon can be served with different sauces. The easiest one is a cold sauce made of crème fraîche and caviar (either red or black). This is probably the second time when you may be frustrated-first a half of salmon, now caviar…You don’t need to buy caviar from a beluga. Buy some cheap brand and you don’t need much. A spoon or two will be sufficient.

You can serve the dish with boiled potatoes and snaps. 🙂


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