Long, long ago, in a country not so far away from the place I live in now, my mother bought a cooking book called ” With a Fork and Knife around the World”. The author(s) was(were) German. I don’t have the book with me but when I go home I am going to tell you the name(s) of the writer(s). I still remember the cover-a red and white checkered table-cloth, a white plate on the table-cloth and a fork and a knife on either side of it. This book fascinated me. It contained recipes from various countries. So far nothing new under the world, you may say. Yes, this is so. What made the book unusual was that for each country there was a short entry note describing food habits, customs and culture of the given country. Remember, this was the time when traveling was not as easy as now. There were visas to be obtained, paper-forms to be filled out, questions to be answered. The book gave me the freedom to travel without leaving mother’s kitchen. I sat at the big solid wooden table and read about India for example, and followed the writers on a spicy journey. Or reached the cold Northern territories and shivering ate salmon and listened to the snow storms outside.

Time flew, I grew up, the world changed. I learned foreign languages and chose a profession that requires traveling and collaborative working with people from around the globe. And I remembered the book. I started collecting recipes from the places I visited. I started asking my foreign friends and colleagues to share their cooking knowledge with me. And I built a collection of recipes.

Today I finally found a place where I can share these recipes along with some memories from the countries with you, my readers. I have personally tried each recipe I am going to publish. If you expect a list of traditional cuisine though, you should leave now. This is going to be an exploration of different countries, friends and their knowledge. I will try to post each recipe in its original language first (except the Chinese recipes. I still haven’t learned that language 🙂 ) and then I will add a translation in English. Some recipes will have pictures to go with them. Others will have photos of the country instead because the main hobby I have is photography.

After a long cyber silence here I am again. I was gone, elevated, hopeful, doubtful, desperate, unhappy, depressed… My life took a 180º turn five years ago when I had my daughter. I never imagined motherhood to be a struggle. For years I lived the happy life of the “not initiated.”  And the reality hit me badly. Motherhood is anything but happy day – to – day life with an obedient toddler. Anyway, I am not going to turn this blog into a whining page of a mother who had a head – on collision with Life. On the other hand, I do not want to write exclusively about food anymore. I want to share thoughts that just popped up in my head – ” Random thoughts of a curious scientist”. And so it begins….

 Shall we begin our journey?

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