Supposedly everyone wants to know about the real people behind the written words. It always fascinated me why everyone would die of curiosity to know something about some one she has never met. Is it not enough to read a blog you like and enjoy it without the need to pry into the personal life of the writer? Well, since the social conventions have some magic power I will write briefly about myself. I am/was (not sure which tense to use at the moment) a nuclear physicist. I grew up in a family of physicists. My father was working with lasers  and my mother was working in nuclear physics. Weird, huh? Right now I am trying to put in written words the research I have done.

Yes, you guessed correctly I am writing my thesis. You think this is easy? Think again.

…And a long overdue update – I graduated 3 years ago and now I can put the “Ph.D.” in front of my name if I want or if I suddenly acquire a megalomaniac ideas 🙂 Yet, I still don’t know if I AM or WAS a nuclear physicist.


6 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. Lovely to meet you. Personally, I see blogging as an interactive form of writing and as such brings the person of the writer into the conversation more than other forms of writing. I have been blogging for 4 years now and I am very accustomed to having reader feedback and throwing ideas around with other bloggers, which is so different to the idea of the traditional author who is often completely divorced from their readers and in some kind of ivory tower.
    Mind you, I think it’s quite possible to maintain quite a high level of privacy while still being intimate.
    I live in a pretty relaxed, laid back beach community, which means that my boundaries are more relaxed.
    Take care,
    xx Rowena

  2. Very nice to “meet” you. I wanted to comment on your #WeekendCoffeeShare on reading books in the original language, but I couldn´t see how unfortunately. So I will just say that I also love that as long as my abilities reach

    1. Nice to meet you too. I am sorry about the problem with the comment section. I checked the post settings just now and everything seems to be working properly. Try scrolling a little bit more downstream. Perhaps the Reply box will show up. Thank you for reading my posts and sharing your point of view.

      1. Thank you so much I will try again of course. I thought maybe you didn’t like comments. But that was not so. I am so impressed that you read Russian. I studied Russian for a few years in Sweden. I am Danish. The Russian language is so beautiful both the written and the spoken, but I must admit I never advanced so much that I could read real literature only “adapted” :-/

      2. It’s never too late to learn a new languasge, be it Russian or French. I noticed though that with each year it takes me longer to learn a new language. I visited your blog and I like it very much! I have a great respect for people with your profession. I cannot imagine how I would’ve survived the first year of life of my daughter without the help I had from a woman like you.

      3. O isn’t that nice to hear that! Thank you. I love it very much if I am able to help a mother to “understand” the wordless language of a new-born or of a toddler with temper-tantrums

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