Each and every life is a music. There is a certain rhythm in the day – to – day life. Wake up, get up, morning toilette, breakfast, job/ school/ chores, lunch, job/school/ chores, dinner, evening toilette, sleep.

The whole life itself resembles music composition: the overture is our first year of life, act I – childhood, act II – adulthood, act III – retirement.

No matter how much we long to escape the music, we always end up inside. We may try to change the genre of our life. Some lives are like jazz, others might be a pure rap. We may try to change the genre but most likely we won’t succeed. We have learned to create certain type of music since the time of our birth. It is not easy to change that. Just think, how many great composers have changed their genres?

On the other hand, we are given an unique opportunity to change our music while still being children. Too early. Children live according to their music and don’t think too much about the future.

Of course , there are people ( and sometimes there are circumstances ) that manage to change the music of their lives. They are few. I admire these people. It requires a great courage to recompose the life. From opera  to tango, for example. These are the people we have to treasure and admire. They are the ones who push humanity forward.

Even if we cannot change our music, it is always helpful and good to look up to these people.
And to stick to our own rhythm.


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