Coffee with a Twist

Sour cherries and cacao.
Sour cherry Streuselkuchen. The smell is heavenly awsome.

If we were having coffee I’d  offer you also a ” Streuselkuchen” and I’d also pour myself a bourbon. You say it is too early for such a drink? Well, it is past 5 o’clock here. And as one Hemingway’s character said: ” I never drink before 5. Thank God that somewhere in the world is past 5.”

I always thought I am a whisky ( or whiskey, whichever you prefer ) person. Then, on Christmas day, I tasted for the first time in my life Kentucky bourbon. It felt like a revelation. From Christmas on I became a bourbon person.

I would pour to you too, if this is what you would like. It goes well with the coffee and the “kuchen”.

If we were having coffee with a twist, I’d tell you that I had one of those hectic weeks that one hopes never to experience. The week was not only hectic, but full with doctors and lots, LOTS of question marks in my head. You see, neither I nor my life partner have ever been to a hospital for our own health. We have never had to go specialists or to experience the adventure of  ” going to the doctor “.

And then, one day  out of the blue, my life partner becomes seriously ill. That day the world changed forever. It is a second month now that we are trying to figure out How The System Works in Germany. Our feeling is that everything is very, VERY slow. The doctors, seems to us, like to wait and see, wait some more and see again, wait again…. A friend of ours claims that the system is made in such a way that either you become healthy again without explanation or you die. I am on the verge of agreeing with this statement. If you need to go to a specialist you need to wait at least 2 to 3 months for the appointment. I wonder out loudly, if you are sent to a specialist, doesn’t this mean that your health needs urgent attention from somebody who knows about illnesses more than you?

And don’t get me started on information. The most difficult part of going to a doctor is to get some information about your health. If you don’t ask questions, nothing is explained.

After this week’s appointment we have to wait yet another 2 weeks just to see our Hausärztin. At that time nothing more will be said than if the blood test is ok, or the results are still strange. And we have to live with the waiting and without diagnosis.

On top of everything else, we had to visit my daughter’s doctor as well. She needed a simple hearing test so that the doctor can confirm that she hears well and to write a note letting her attend a speech therapist. We went for the test ( usually done during lunch break, when the rooms are all quiet and the doctors are eating their lunch in another place (more question marks for me!) ), the nurse came, took our daughter and they came back 15 minutes later with the result that our daughter doesn’t hear. Imagine the surprise! She not only hears well, she hears MORE than well. The nurse said we had to go to a specialist. ( Ta-daaa! Two more months in waiting.) Meanwhile we have a scheduled appointment with the speech therapist. Because the hearing test must be done not longer than 2 weeks before the appointment.  We went to the therapist and she said my daughter has to attend on a regular basis and has to start immediately but… guess what! She needs the note from my daughter’s doctor and the result from the hearing test, which at this point is not valid and we have to wait 2 months to go to a specialist! Isn’t this a crazy week?

With all this running around doctors and doing medical research on the Internet, I had neither time to read the blogs I follow, nor time to write myself.

Now I think you understand why I need a glass of bourbon 🙂 And when I am stressed I bake. So I hope you enjoyed your Streuselkuchen and your coffee and /or bourbon. If you liked the “kuchen”, you can get the recipe here.