Today’s word is not one of my favorites. I hate whispering. To me, whispering is directly connected to secrets. I hate secrets too. I don’t like when people whisper behind each other’s backs.

So, I was quite dispirited at first. What does a person do then?

That person goes and types  “whisper” in the search field of ol’ uncle Google. First, I searched images. This one attracted my attention:

Andre Wallace, 1984
Photo taken from Google. Author of the sculpture Andre Wallace, 1984. The statue is in front of the library in Milton Keynes, Great Britain

Notice the sly smile. As if these two are talking behind the back of a third friend. Well, images were of no help. All of them were showing in one or another way people whispering in ears.

After that, I hit the button “pages” in ol’ uncle Google. Alright, that was better. Because I learned something new ( my motto in life – never stop learning ). Besides the usual “whisper” related articles, I learned there is an App with the same name.  I spent some time reading about it. At the end, I decided it is not something I would use.

Precisely then it hit me: look up the word in the dictionaries. First, I tried Oxford dictionary. In addition to the usual definition of “whisper”, I read that the word also means: rumor, story, report. Ok, I was getting closer now.  I could not write about rumors ( big hate ), but I could write a story about something or report on my latest success.

I like to research thoroughly. So I visited also Merriam – Webster dictionary. There they had all of the Oxford definitions plus more:

  • tale, fairy tale (!) ;
  • small amount of something, trace —> trace of a smile ;

That was great! I substituted ” trace” with “whisper” and quietly said:
“Whisper of a smile”.

Close all doors. Turn off the music. Turn off the telephone… And the other one as well. The tablet too. Is your room quiet now? Good. Close your eyes and say quietly: ” Whisper of a smile”. What did you feel?

I felt a sudden calmness surrounding me. I felt as if I’ve opened an unseen door to some fairy tale  world.  My world suddenly became a better place. I felt peaceful. I hope you can feel the magic of the words too.


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