If we were having coffee…wait, since when we are having coffee? Have we changed that much? Oh, a misunderstanding you say. Good, I was shocked a bit to hear that you have begun drinking coffee. Ok then, we are having tea as usual.

If we were having tea means that it is Friday early evening and you have come to my house. What tea shall we drink? I have Assam for philosophy, Ceylon for art, Darjeeling for small talk, Earl Grey for a personal conversation…alright,alright I will stop now. Yes, I am still a 5 o’clock tea drinker. You pick Earl Grey tea. I bring the beautiful bone china you used to admire so much.

Tell me, how have you been these years? Did you miss our Friday “tea ceremony”? I remember you were trying to convert me to become an AC/DC fan. And I tried to make out of you  a classic music aficionado. Our common denominator was the modern Russian pop music.

The tea is ready. I pour the amber liquid into the almost transparent cups. For a moment, we are silent admiring the fusion beauty between tea and bone china.

Then you begin to talk. At first, the conversation is general – about your work, family, the latest song on youtube. I listen and enjoy every moment. You ask me about myself even though you know I prefer to listen than to talk about myself. I answer briefly that nothing new is in my life. You sense that I am not ready to discuss Life.

As the time passes we feel more and more comfortable with each other. The intimate atmosphere of the past years is back. Now we feel more comfortable to talk about ourselves. We slowly sip our tea. We inhale the smell of bergamot. Then you mention your health. You know I am concerned about your incurable disease. I am glad to hear that you are feeling fine, that the diet you created yourself works and that you enjoy life. I make a mental note to follow more often your philosophy of life. Sometimes I am taking myself too seriously.

Now is my turn to share my  joys and pains. I tell you about the impossibility to find a job without good knowledge of German. I tell you about my daily struggles with my child. I tell you about the book I read by a Russian author. You are curious to see it. I hand it to you and you dive into it.

We talk and talk and talk. Outside the sun is going down. This time, no one notices it. We are deep into conversation. The book leads to a sidetrack speech from you about good and bad music, about boring people and places. This reminds me of a person I met the previous week about whom I want to tell you.  That leads to  another dialog about the food habits of  some people. At that point, we exchange recipes and discuss the quality of vegetables in different countries. The last brings us to sharing stories about our lives in various parts of the world. Funny stories, sad stories, untold stories…

Our cups are empty, the teapot also. At this time, we are discussing some silly cartoon we have seen. We wonder how did we come to this topic. It doesn’t matter. We contentedly  finish the last drops of tea. It is time for you to go.

You say a joke.  I smile. We say good – bye. Until the next Friday when we both can be free for tea.



12 thoughts on “If we were having coffee

  1. I was wondering who you were talking to. I don’t have an incurable disease. If we were talking I would be talking about Prince dying or how stupid Trump’s hair looks, or how stupid Kelly Rippa is acting about Michael leaving the show in Sept. She makes 15 million a year and is saying she might leave. I would do that show for a million and be so happy. Is she crazy?

  2. Welcome to Coffee/tea share. Don’t worry just address like you are talking to a friend. After you been sharing post for awhile you will have friends. I like to know about the weather your family and furfriends. Plus any books you read and the music you like. Since I lost my hearing I don’t listen to much music. See you next week.

      1. I tried to read all the posts so everyone has and answer. I didn’t start reading until I was in the fifthe grade, been reading ever since. My blog started as an accident for book reviews and has grown since them. I love flowers and recently started to post FLORA FRIDAY. I read mostly cozy mysteries and review any that I read. I post reviews on Tuesday. The biological sciences are my favorite genre.

  3. Welcome to coffee share. You have me intrigued. Why can’t you find a job without a good knowledge of German? Are you living in Germany? Where were you from before as I imagine if you are in Germany and you don’t speak German you must be from elsewhere. Hopefully in time you will feel comfortable to talk to us with or without your imaginary friend. Enjoyed my cup of tea. I chose Assan.

    1. Hello Irene. Thank you for reading the post and leaving a comment. I am glad that I managed to intrigue you. Yes, currently I am living in Germany. But to answer your question where am I from, I need to write a separate post on identity crisis 🙂 I was born in Bulgaria. After graduating from University I moved to the United States. There I lived 4 years. From US I moved to Sweden where I lived 7 years of my life. And from Sweden I moved to Germany. My head is cramped with all the different languages and it seems that German cannot take the upper hand 🙂

      1. You have certainly moved around. I have a very good friend who lived in Sweden for many years and my sister-in -law is German. Having stayed in both countries although I can’t speak either language I could understand German on the television and in many conversations after only a couple of weeks. Swedish always remained a total mystery. Possibly because English is my first language and German uses many English words. If you picked up Swedish I’m sure you’ll pick up German. Until then hope the headaches trying to understand and work out a response aren’t too bad.

  4. The headaches aren’t bad at all. I do speak Swedish and every day German is not a problem for me exactly because of the reason you state. But I do not feel comfortable writing a CV in German or going on an interview. The other problem is that I have too many languages in my head being used on a daily basis: Bulgarian with my daughter, my partner speaks to her in English, Russian with my closest friends, English for the rest of the community and my friends living abroad, German for everything else…

  5. Ah, I did not know that different teas create different kinds of moments 🙂 It felt good to be looking in, listening to you and your friend talk. The conversation flowed just the way it should; meandering, slowing down, rushing up and disconnected at times…

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