I possess the only Master key to my brain. I am the safe keeper and the treasure at the same time. The Master key has an intricate look. It is big, heavy and has lots of cuts. The bow is sophisticated.

My acquaintances have keys to the neighbors  yards.  They try to peak inside my property but all they are able to see is a small green patch just behind the garden door.

Friends acquire keys to the garden door. They can enter the garden and enjoy the view. Sometimes I let them do some gardening. Friends are allowed to pluck the weeds and maybe even to plant a flower.

The keys mentioned above look simple. They can be taken for ordinary house keys.  My best friend, though, has all of them plus a small delicate key that unlocks a secret garden. The secret garden is situated in an inconspicuous part of the big garden. Often friends pass by without noticing the lock and the wall. This special garden is quiet. Here no weeds can grow. The air has a greenish tint from all the plants around. The sun rays try to pass through the thick greenery. The big old trees planted by my best friend grow in this secret garden.

My life partner and my daughter have keys to unlock my house and roam inside. They share the space within and sometimes they notice the big sturdy safe in the middle of the most spacious room. This room is white, the sunshine is always present here. There are times when my partner or my little one try to pick the lock of the safe. They don’t succeed. My daughter, being the wild member of our family, tries quite often to break the safe. She still believes that one doesn’t need keys to open locked items if one can just break the said item. She doesn’t succeed with my safe.

Sometimes a burglar happens to manage to pick all the locks and to enter the white room. Then he / she goes to work and tries to break the safe. The problem is that the key hole looks different depending on the robber. Soon the thief gives up all hope and soundlessly quits the premises without leaving a trace behind.

My safe is gray, made of impenetrable metal and has a key hole. The only key that opens the safe is my Master key. Inside the safe my brain is locked.




5 thoughts on “Locked Inside

  1. That’s deep. Thank you. If you want some constructive criticism; you should spend more time editing. But, either way, it was a blessed poem and has now inspired me to follow your blog, This is the kind of stuff people want, stuff that pulls at their soul with a mysterious hand.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! It made my day. And yes, I do want constructive criticism. It is always welcome. I will try in the future to do a better job with editing. I can tell you that after LaTeX , the wordprocessor of WordPress feels cumbersome. Thanks again and welcome to my blog! I hope I will not disappoint 🙂

      1. Yes. feel free to take a look at or subscribe to mine as well….as for the grammar, there’s an app I found called grammarly. it may help. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

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