The polar bears don’t live here

I would like to share today with you a country  of exquisite beauty. As Evert Taube writes in his poem:

Se hur hela Uppland står i lågor,

Långt i syd mot bleknad himmel blänker

fönstrens rad som guld på Södermalm
och på slottet vakten flaggan sänker.
Stockholm svalkas efter dagens kvalm.

kvällssol brinner bortom Solna skog!

Grön som ärg mot violetta vågor.

Brunnsviksvassen står där gäddan slog.

Yes, you guessed right- I am going to tell you about Sweden. I have met in my  life with so many legends about this country that I feel I have to share few of them with you.

  • Sweden is a country situated in the Alps, produces world-wide famous watches and chocolate.
  • Stockholm is always covered by snow.
  • The country is very very very cold.
  • During the summer time in the Northern hemisphere, Sweden is submerged in total darkness.
  • Eskimos live in Sweden.
  • Polar bears walk on the streets of Stockholm.

These are only few of the many myths I have heard, read and have been told. These are not jokes I have read somewhere. And no matter how well-informed people are, the first question I get every time I mention that I have lived in Sweden, is: “But how did you survive out there? Was it not very cold?” And every time I have to answer like this: Sweden is not constantly cold. Yes, she doesn’t have Spain’s warm climate, but she is not constantly covered by ice either. One must know what to expect. If you dress properly, even the winter can be enjoyable. But Sweden is not only ice and glittering in the sun snow. Sweden is also a country of the famous “white nights”. The summer season is spectacular in Sweden. The sun is almost always up in the southern parts of the country and is always up in the north. If you go to the Polar Circle, you can enjoy the midnight sun. In the summer, a green lush covers Sweden and the combination with the blue color of the water and the yellow of the blooming ripe, makes this country formidable. The life in the summer is nice and easy-going. Newcomers soon learn to enjoy the sunshine in the summer and to “collect” it for the dark winter months. The life goes on until the small hours of the day.

When I went to Sweden I didn’t know how to cook fish. And Sweden has cheap and tasty fish. Do not forget the salmon also 🙂 I asked a Swedish friend to give me a quick recipe for cooking salmon. And this is the link to the recipe.


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