The results of being random

Last weekend was the weekend of our discontent. We went to see “Sherlock Holmes”. We chose it at random, well…almost at random. We wanted to see a movie about a book character we like. And on top of that we, the unsociable people that we are, gave calls to 4 or 5 friends to come with us.  We went, we watched, and…we wondered if this was the right cinema hall. It got to be- all  the characters were speaking British English. If you are like me, a big big fan of Sherlock Holmes, if you spent years in his company , do not even think of going and watching this movie. My high school literature teacher taught me that I must always start the critics by pointing out the good sides of the piece.  I am sorry guys, I cannot find anything good about this movie.  Poor Sherlock Holmes was made into a  scoundrel and a “Fight Club” aficionado. And if you haven’t read the books, you would most likely wonder who is this Irene Adler.  And what about doctor Watson? From a good companion, friend, the closest person to Holmes, Watson is reduced to a groupie. Ugh. Well, you will say, there is at least the crime… Ha, you wish! The crime was a piece of joke and I believe that THE Sherlock Holmes would never agree to take part in discovering the truth in such a case. As a friend of mine pointed out, this Sherlock Holmes was a cowboy without his whip though. Most of the foreground was either animated or drawn and it did look like drawing. All in all, 2 hours of wasted time. Oh, now I remember something positive- the score composed by Hans Zimmer. His music can always be recognized and made this movie bearable to the point of not leaving before its end. I feel so sorry for the friends who followed our rigorous persuasion and came to keep us company. We all were speechless at the end.

On the bright side- two splendid movies in two days: Up in the air and Nine“Up in the air” is a sad but great movie. It is sad and in the same time it is tender and  I felt compassion for the main character.  We all at some point or another stood in front of the questions that the film asks. And at  some point or another of our lives we find the answers that are good for us. This a movie that gives you the insight of the differences in generations, how do lonely people feel like and who are the people we see at various airports in their business suits, carry-on trolleys and their first class tickets. Have you ever envied these people? Have you ever thought “I wish it was me who is sitting in that comfortable lunge chair in the VIP section” ? I will be honest with you- I have thought all those thoughts and many more, especially when my flight was delayed, or the check-in line was as long as the circumference of the Equator, or when I was squeezed  in the middle seat of the three-seat row because I am a woman, therefore I am smaller than a man, therefore I will occupy this seat.  After watching “Up in the air” I don’t feel envious anymore. Those VIP people with the business suits in the first class are people to be pitied because they can have mileage, lounges, comfortable seats/beds but what they lack is what all of us, ordinary people, have.

“Nine” on the other side, is invigorating. It is like a hot cup of superbly brewed tea. I have to admit that I dislike musicals. I even didn’t like “Chicago” .( ok, here I am, throw  stones at me  because I said such thing.) “Nine” is different. I don’t know why the critics didn’t like it. May be they were too much Fellini-influenced. As I was “Holmes-ed” with the “Sherlock Holmes” movie. Try not to think Federico Fellini when going to see “Nine”. Forget movies like “8 and 1/2”.  Then, watch the story evolve. I have to admit that I was a bit bored at the beginning because the film was promising to be what it had to be-a musical. I hid a yawn at the first song, slightly fidgeted at the second one…and then something happened. The magic happened. I forgot where I was, I forgot that I didn’t like musicals. I sat in the dark cinema hall, holding my breath and wishing I could sing. The collection of actors in this film is a golden one. It is as if you could collect at one place the paintings of all the famous painters and then  show this collection to the public. It is dazzling.  There is no one and nothing that I would have thrown out of the film. It is a finished master piece. And the only musical that I wish I could see live but with the same actors.

I wish to end this post with a small disclaimer for all of you who feel offended by me. I am deeply sorry. I am not a professional film critic,  I do not get paid to write opinions about movies. I am who I am and I want to write my honest thoughts. I am aware that I cannot perform in a movie, I cannot even direct a movie. I am also aware that the film-making process is very difficult, exhausting and tough. For all this and more- my applause and admiration for  all the “film people” out there.


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